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Are you a school, NGO or community centre?

Your teachers can access the Seenaryo Playkit at a discounted rate if they participate in a 3-day intensive training with Seenaryo. We currently offer trainings in Lebanon and Jordan.

  • Training is for teachers of 3 to 8 year olds
  • Up to 30 teachers in a single training
  • We do 3 days (and an optional follow-up day)

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Day 1


Each day is 5.5 hours, including lunch and one break (e.g. 9.30am – 3pm)

Day 2

Interactive Stories

It is an active, practical training: teachers are participating, not sitting and writing

Day 3


We also look at how teachers can adapt the Playkit to create their own activities

Day 4

Optional follow-up

Training is usually in Arabic (but English or French is also possible)

We also provide multi-licence discounts for teams

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Are you a teacher or volunteer?

You can download the app on your smartphone and try sample activities for free!

Frequently Asked Questions

Activities can take place wherever you like, but for interactive stories and certain games it’s helpful if you create some space in your classroom by pushing tables and chairs back when you play them.

Activities are designed to be used for the whole class, but they can also be used for smaller groups or individual children. (Some games are hard to play one-on-one though!)

It’s really up to you! You can take as little or as much time as you want with each activity. We recommend trying things more than once and not rushing.

Don’t worry about any extra work – just search for the topics you’re already teaching, and use our activities to fulfil your learning objectives.

The Seenaryo Playkit has been created for 3-8 year olds. You can search for activities by age group, and you can always adapt our ideas for younger or older children as well.

The Seenaryo Playkit is designed to be inclusive and enables you to work with children of all abilities at the same time.

Your Seenaryo Playkit subscription can start at any time of the year.

The Playkit engages children through imagination and movement. It helps children access the curriculum by integrating experiential and kinaesthetic learning into your classroom.