I Learn From Home

I Learn From Home allows caregivers of 3 - 6 year olds to implement play-based learning at home. Seenaryo has adapted games, songs and stories from the Seenaryo Playkit, with all lessons linked to early childhood education curricula.

How Does It Work?

For schools & NGOs
  • Every week, we WhatsApp the materials to a coordinator at your organisation
  • The coordinator forwards the material to caregivers
  • Caregivers lead the lesson and send you photos/videos/feedback
For parents or caregivers
  • Every week, we WhatsApp the materials directly to you
  • You lead the lesson and send us photos/videos/feedback

Watch our video before reading further...

What are the materials?

Every week caregivers will receive:


  • 2x lesson plans: simple bullet point instructions
  • 2x lesson videos: short videos showing how the lesson works
  • Music tracks: many lessons include songs
  • 1x story video: videos that children & caregivers watch and join in with, by acting with the storyteller


Each week there are two topics (e.g. Week 1: Hygiene & Food) with literacy & numeracy as cross-cutting subjects. Everything is in Arabic, including the literacy content.


Don’t worry! All files are compressed (maximum 15MB) so they are easy to WhatsApp, with minimal data usage.

Can I see some examples?

I Learn From Home was commissioned by Back to the Future and is supported by Expo Live. Back to the Future project is funded by the European Union in Lebanon and implemented in partnership by AVSI, War Child Holland in Lebanon and Terre des hommes Italy in Lebanon.