What Shall I Wear? (with Lama)

Wear different clothes to play in the snow, paint a house and attend a wedding.  

The Queen’s Crown (with Lama)

Look for the Queen’s crown and learn your prepositions.

Zahara the Dragon

Explore different materials and weathers while finding Zahara.

Sally Goes to the Beach (with Lama)

See what happens when Sally doesn’t wash and clean!

Playing With Nour (with Lama)

Get sad and cross while playing with Nour, before apologising at the end. 

Our Animal Adventure (with Lama)

Visit the farm, ocean, desert, jungle – and all the animals that live in them. 

Jingle Bells – غطى التلج

A Christmas song in Arabic and English.

دبين تنين

A maths song with two dancing teddies.

Two Teddies

A maths song with two dancing teddies.