Bananas, Bananas

A focus song where you gradually remove all the words.

Bananas, Bananas
Bananas, Bananas


Bananas bananas – click click click

Bananas bananas – flick flick flick

Bananas bananas – tap tap tap 

Bananas bananas – clap clap clap


See if the children know all the action words, i.e. click, flick, tap, clap.  

Repeat the song three times. 

The second time, don’t sing the action words (click, flick, tap, clap) – tell the children to sing them in their heads (or in their ‘thinking voice’). 

The final time, also take away the ‘bananas’ so that the song is completely silent (except for the sound of the movements). 

It is excellent for children’s rhythm, as well as getting them focused.

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