Peel Banana

A song to help children think of verbs.

Peel Banana
Peel Banana


Verse 1

Peel banana, peel, peel banana 

Peel banana, peel, peel banana

Teacher: What else can we do with our banana? 

Child: Chop!


Chop banana…


Fry banana…


Mash banana…


Eat banana…


Throw banana…


Hug banana…


Go bananas!


This song helps children think firstly of cooking verbs (e.g. chop, mash, fry, etc.) – and then any verbs in general. 


Sing Verse 1 and do a peeling action every time you sing ‘peel’. 

Then sing or say to your class ‘What else can we do with our banana?’

Take one of their suggestions. Replace ‘peel’ with this suggestion and add an action. 

They can suggest non-cooking verbs. It can become almost anything, even if it doesn’t make sense, for example ‘love’, ‘watch’, ‘read’, etc.

You can finish with ‘Go bananas’, for which the children can ‘go bananas’ (i.e. dance around).

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