Something Big, Something Small

A song that covers adjectives and their opposites.

Something Big, Something Small
Something Big, Something Small


Something big, something big
Something small, something small

Something short, something short
Something tall, something tall

Something heavy, something heavy
Something light, something light

Something black, something black
And something white, and something white

Something hot, something hot
Something cold, something cold

Something new, something new
Something old, something old

Something dirty, something dirty
Something clean, something clean

Something red, something red
And something green, and something green


You can use call and response structure to make this chant easier: you sing, they echo you. 

You may just find it easier without the backing track as there’s quite a lot for the children to process every line. 

You could get the class to collect objects from the classroom to match these adjectives. Then put them in the correct order and sing. 

Or ask your children for anything that’s big (e.g. an elephant) and draw it on the board. Then ask for the opposite – draw a mouse. Continue with every word – and then sing it together. 

Another way would be just to act out every adjective together.

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