Two Teddies

A maths song with two dancing teddies.

Two Teddies
Two Teddies


Two teddies on a trampoline

Bounce, bounce, bounce, bounce

Two teddies on a trampoline

Bounce, bounce, bounce

Four teddies on a trampoline…


In a standing circle, get two children (the teddies) to come into the middle.

Ask the class how many teddies are in the middle.

Sing the song. The teddies jump each time the word ‘bounce’ is sung.

After the first verse, add or remove teddies. Ask the children how many are in the middle and sing it again.

There is time in the backing track after each verse (16 beats) to do this. Or you can pause the music (or not use the backing track).

The backing track only states the number of teddies in the first verse (after this it is left silent).

To make it about addition or subtraction, remove and add different numbers of teddies.

Another way to play is with a large sheet or rug, and toy teddies. Get the children to hold the edges of the sheet all together. Put the toys on top, and get the children to bounce them up in the air on the word ‘bounce’.

You can change teddies to other animals such as ‘Two frogs on a lily pad, hop, hop’ or ‘Two snakes in the desert, ss, ss’.



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