How Many Senses?

A song about the five senses, linked to their body parts.

How Many Senses?
How Many Senses?


Verse 1

This is my eye 

It helps me to see 

Everything around me 

And all the things to see 

And all the, and all the

And all the things to see


How many senses do we have?

One, two, three, four, five

They taste the flavour

They make you safer

They help make the world come alive

Yeah they help make the world come alive 

Other verses

This is my ear

It helps me to hear…

This is my nose

It helps me to smell…

This is my mouth

It helps me to taste…

This is my hand 

It helps me to touch…


Ask children about the five senses. Lay out flashcards (or draw) the relevant body parts and put them in the same order as the song.

The song structure is: Verse 1, Verse 2, Chorus (x2), Verse 3, Verse 4, Chorus (x2), Verse 5 and Chorus (x5). 

Add actions so the children are pointing at the relevant body part.

The chorus has some fast words but with practice, ages five and up should manage.

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