Hoops and Groups

Count, add and subtract with children in hoops.


Hoops, cones or mats.

Music (optional).


Play music (if you like) and let the children walk (for walking ideas, search Ways to Walk).

When you stop the music, the children must get into the nearest hoop.

Pick a hoop and ask how many children are in that hoop (you can count them together).

Alternatively, ask ‘Which hoop(s) have three children in?’. These three children can then do one of the Forfeits, e.g. stand on one leg for five seconds.

For addition, combine two hoops of children together (‘There are two children in this hoop, and three in this one. If we put them together, how many children do we have?’)

For subtraction, ask some children to step out of a hoop, and then ask how many children remain.

Play again, using a different way to walk (e.g. sideways steps).


For a harder version of this (where children listen for a number, and then make groups of that number), search Lifeboats.