Whose Name Begins With?

Run to the first letter in your name.


Flashcards of the first letters of your children’s names (you only need one flashcard for each letter).


Show the children a letter (flashcard) and ask what it is. Put it on the floor. 

Repeat with some other letters. Don’t put them all down at once – you can play a few times with different letters. 

Spread all the letters out – either at one end of the room or in the middle of standing circle. 

After ‘Ready, steady, go’, the children move to the first letter of their name (if it’s there).

Once they’ve finished, check all the groups. 

In their groups, ask the children to come up with more things that begin with that letter (e.g. an animal, a color, a part of the body, etc.).


Play with any letter in your name. For this, only put down two or three letters, for example: a, d, and then maybe a less common one such as q. Anyone with an a, d or q anywhere in their name goes to the letter. A child called Andy would have to decide which letter to go to (or he could stand between them).