Who’s Under the Carpet?

Guess which child is hiding under the carpet. 


A rug large enough to cover a child.

Music – scroll down to try our option below.

Speaker for music.


Play music and the children dance (best if they move around the room). You can use different Ways to Walk.


Stop the music and all the children immediately kneel on the floor, curled up into a ball, covering their face with their hands (so they can’t see).

Put the rug over one child. She stays where she is. 

When you say so, the rest of the children sit up and try to work out who is under the rug. 

Tell them to put their finger on their nose when they have the answer (so there’s no calling out). 

Give correct guesses a round of applause (search Ways to Clap).


Play with two rugs, and cover two children.