Who’s Under That Hat?

Wear a hat and use the magic microphone to answer the class’s questions.


A chair in front of the class. A hat on the chair.


Choose a child to sit on the chair and put on the hat. 

The class chants: 


Who’s under that hat?
Who could it be?
Who’s under that hat?
Let me see.

The child wearing the hat then picks up an imaginary ‘magic microphone’ and answers your (or the class’) questions. 

Start with introductory questions: ‘What’s your name?’ / ‘How old are you?’ / ‘Where do you live?’. Encourage children to answer in full sentences. 

You can move onto favorites, e.g. ‘What’s your favorite color?’. 

Be sensitive with questions around the family: begin with open questions such as ‘Who do you live with?’.

Change around the interviewee whenever you feel is appropriate. Always give a child who’s just finished a round of applause (search Ways to Clap).