What’s the Time, Mr. Wolf?

Listen to the time and step towards the wolf – until it’s dinnertime!


The class starts at one end of the space. Ask them what a wolf might eat (e.g. sheep). The class are therefore sheep.

You (Mr. Wolf) stand at the opposite end of the space, facing away from the class. 

The children ask, ‘What’s the time, Mr. Wolf?’. 

You (Mr. Wolf) reply with a time, ‘3 o’clock’. 

Whatever time it is, the children take that number of steps forwards – so here, three steps. The children count out loud as they step, ‘One, two, three’.

Now repeat the sequence: question, answer, steps and counting.

The aim for the class is to get close enough to Mr. Wolf so that one of them can touch him. They then win the game and a new Mr. Wolf is appointed. 

However, at any point Mr. Wolf can answer ‘Dinner time!’. This means that the whole class must run back to their wall whilst Mr. Wolf chases them. 

If Mr. Wolf touches someone, this person then becomes Mr. Wolf.

When younger children are Mr. Wolf, it may be easier for them to face the class the whole time.


You could play with any predator / prey, e.g. the wolf becomes a lion, the children are gazelles.