What’s Missing?

Identify the missing flashcard from the pile.


At least seven different flashcards for your topic (e.g. for home, use: curtains, cupboard, potted plant, rug, painting, etc.).

The more flashcards you use, the harder the game.


Lay out the flashcards in a small area on the floor, face up. 

Sit in a small circle around the flashcards and give the children a moment to memorize them. 

With the children’s help, turn all the flashcards face down. 

All the children (except one) kneel and curl up in a ball, with their eyes covered.

The child who’s not kneeling takes one flashcard at random and puts it to one side (still face down). 

Mix up the flashcards so they’re in different places. 

All the other children sit back up and turn over the remaining flashcards.

Ask them ‘What’s missing?’ and to put their finger on their nose when they know the answer.

Ideally they should reply in a full sentence, e.g. ‘The cupboard is missing’ or ‘The cupboard has gone’.

Give them a round of applause (search Ways to Clap).


Remove more than one flashcard or play with a higher number of flashcards. 

Ask them to use the word in a sentence, e.g. ‘I put my clothes in the cupboard’.

Play for your topic

Any Topic

Simply use a collection of relevant flashcards. To find the flashcards you need, go to Flashcards in the bottom menu.