Traffic Lights Stop/Go

Use the red and green traffic lights as stop/go signals.


One paper or card disc – one side red, one side green. Ideally laminated.

Mount it on a stick if possible.


Deploy the red light any time you want children to stop an activity. It therefore also acts as a signal for silence.

When the children are ready and listening, give your instruction and then turn the disc around (to show them to begin).

It’s obviously nice to use this technique if you happen to be studying Transport that week.

The same prop is also used in Traffic Lights (and a similar one in Red Light, Green Light).

It can also be used effectively with songs – to play with stopping and starting. Show the green light and the class sings the song. At any moment (e.g. halfway through a line) you can show the red light and the class stops. They have to carry on from the same place when you show the green light.