Flashcard Groups

Get your children into groups for certain flashcard games.


The flashcards you need for the following game or activity (e.g. transport flashcards)


Hand one card to each child randomly.

Tell the children that – without talking – they have to find everyone else with the same flashcard as them.

Make the challenge about not making any noise. They can show each other their flashcards, or they could act their flashcard to one another.

Once they have found everyone with the same flashcard as them, get everyone to sit in their groups.

Ask each group what they are, and encourage full sentences: ‘We are bicycles’.


Once the children are in their groups, you could play Charades: each group acts out their flashcard (without talking) and the rest of the class guesses.

Challenge the children to further categorize themselves: e.g. all land transport in one corner, all water transport in another corner, etc.

Try some Walk Like A… activities: get the children to move as their transport. Stop, start, change the speed, add sound, increase the volume, etc. You could combine this with Traffic Lights.