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Release some energy and re-focus with this counting game.


Before you start, tell the children what you will do at the end (‘When we finish, we will all sit down on the carpet quietly’ or ‘We’ll line up at the door’ etc.).

The whole class shakes their right hand out five times whilst counting out the shakes (‘One, two, three, four, five’).

Then move onto the left hand (five times), the right foot (five times), the left foot (five times).

Start again with the right hand, but this time only do four shakes. Go all the way through the sequence again (left hand, right foot, left foot).

The next time repeat with three shakes, then two, then one.

Finish with ‘sitting quietly’ (or whatever the instruction is). See how quiet they can be after the noise of the game.


Instead tap your head, shoulders, knees and toes (to learn different body parts).

Start with a higher number.

Count backwards.

Vary the volume, e.g. whisper it. You could begin quietly and get louder slowly (this can get very loud!).