Musical Chairs

Play this dancing and sitting game adapted to your topic.

خلصت السنة

A well-known song for the end of the year.

La fin de l’année

A song for graduation or the end of term.

Time to Say Goodbye – graduation

A song for graduation.

Memory Tray

Identify the missing object from the tray.

Memory Pairs

Remember and match pairs of flashcards from the pile.

Time to Say Goodbye – end of term

A song for the end of term.

شكراً شكراً مدرستي – تخرج

A song for graduation.

شكراً شكراً مدرستي – نهاية الفصل

A song for the end of term.

بيب بيب بيب

A nice chant to sing at the start of term about going to school.